Areas Of Expertise

Child Custody, Timesharing and Parental Responsibility

In October 2008, the Florida legislature made significant changes in the way it viewed custody and visitation. The term visitation, primary residential parent, secondary residential parent and rotating custody were no longer used and abolished. Florida now uses the term timesharing and each parents' timesharing is detailed in a comprehensive "parenting plan," which regularly details when each parent exercises timesharing with their child. The parenting plan also details each parent's timesharing on holidays, summers and school breaks. In determining and creating a timesharing schedule and parenting plan, the Court shall evaluate the factors delineated in Florida Statute Section 61.13, with the best interest of the child being the primary consideration. The parenting plan should also address the children's healthcare, extracurricular activities, the methods in which the parents shall communicate with the children and each other and how the parents are to share various other day-to-day child related responsibilities.